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Car and bike in sunset
Car and bike in sunset
roadside-assistance 24 hour nationwide roadside assistance is available for members.
Roadside Assistance  
insurance-services Commute with peace of mind. We can insure your auto and home.
Green Insurance  
travel Resources Love discounts?
Plan your next vacation with us.
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carbon-calculator Balance your carbon footprint.
Drive less. Offset the rest.
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Better World Club: The Nations Only Eco-Friendly Auto Club

Roadside Assistance, Insurance, and Travel

  • Better World Club provides auto roadside assistance with the same services as AAA and the others, but with green values. Ranked with AAA by Toptenreviews.com.
  • We not only invented roadside assistance for bicycles, but are the only provider of nationwide bicycle roadside assistance.
  • We're not part of the highway lobby. We fight AAA on everything from greenhouse gas regulation of automobiles to bike lanes.
  • Ready to make the switch? Either sign up online, or give us a call at 1-866-238-1137 to get any questions you may have answered and sign up over the phone.
Latest Safety Recalls from CARFAX

Latest Safety Recalls from CARFAX, a Better World Club Partner

"We told you to buy a hybrid, not a Minivan..."

Did you know that one in five cars have an open safety recall? According to research from Better World Club partner CARFAX, over 47 million cars on the road today have an open safety recall. Minivans are at the greatest risk with one in four subject to open recalls. SUVs and sedans face a similar threat, with one in five of each vehicle type facing open recalls.

Want to check your car for open recalls and be alerted if one is issued on your vehicle? Check for FREE with myCARFAX! (And obtain a Better World Club discount if you purchase a CARFAX report on a specific vehicle.)

    myCARFAX Free Recall Check


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