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Better World Club will soon offer an innovative bicycle insurance program for cyclists in the United States, including California, Oregon, and Washington. Check back soon to get a quote for accident, liability, or proprety insurance coverages, or just to learn more about our new services. Alternativcely, sign up for our eNewsletter, Kicking Asphalt, to be the first to know more.

Bicycle Insurance Links

  • Better World Club has announced the inclusion of Accident and Liability bicycle insurance in our bicycle membership.
  • "A look at new bike insurance options" from SeattleBikeBlog.
  • Better World Bicycle Insurance Survey
    "We will soon be adding full-coverage insurance to our bicycle roadside assistance program. It will include both medical and liability, with optional coverage available for property damage and theft."
  • "Road Rights - Are You Covered?" from
    In the United States, there is no comprehensive cycling insurance policy similar to comprehensive auto insurance--yet. Still, you can piece together coverage from other policies.
  • "Cyclist Insurance" from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's "Ask The Experts" column.
    'Currently, there is no such thing as comprehensive "cycling insurance" in this country. Depending on the circumstances, cyclists may use a variety of policies: homeowner's or renter's insurance, health insurance, auto insurance (yours, or the motorist's if you crash with a car) and "umbrella" or "excess" insurance.'
  • Spoke Bicycle Insurance: "Comprehensive insurance solutions for your cycling lifestyle."
    "SPOKE BICYCLE INSURANCE is the first of its kind; a comprehensive stand-alone bicycle insurance program available to individual riders in the USA.

    Our bike insurance programs were developed with professional input from legal experts in the cycling field, bicycling industry consultants and representatives of national and regional cycling clubs and organizations."
  • Bicycle insurance: Coming to America in 2010? -, 01/05/2010
  • A guide to bicycle insurance options -, 01/05/2010
    "As I reported in my first piece on bicycle insurance, there is currently no alternative form of automobile insurance for people who do not own cars. If you ride a bicycle and are not covered by car insurance, you should know your options in case of a single-vehicle crash, a hit and run, or a crash with an uninsured motorist."
  • Medical insurance and active lifestyle benefits - Adventure Advocates
    "USA Cycling has partnered with Adventure Advocates to provide low cost accident medical insurance as well as a host of other benefits designed to protect and promote an active lifestyle for you and your family."
  • "Spoke Bicycle Insurance - Yes, they cover recumbents" at Recumbant Journal.
    "Recumbent Journal contacted Craig Dawson at Sports Insurance Solutions for clarification and confirmed that recumbents are indeed covered (we did not specifically inquire about velomobiles). There is now a note directly on the site listing recumbents."

International Bicycle Insurance Links

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