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  Better Living Through Chemistry

Gee this carbon dioxide is heavy!

It's counterintuitive: A gallon of gasoline weighs roughly 6 lbs. Yet, this same gallon converts into 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Gasoline contains:
Carbon (c) with an atomic mass of 12 units
Hydrogen (h) with a mass of 1
Carbon dioxide adds two oxygen molecules, each with a mass of 16 units.

(12 + 32= 44)

Each "gallon" of carbon dioxide is 44/13 as heavy as a gallon of gasoline, or 6 lbs of gasoline converts to 20.4 pounds of CO2 and water vapor.

But chemistry was never our thing.

How much greenhouse gas is my automobile producing?

This varies from car to car and depends on how much gasoline you are using.

MPG Miles driven per year Gallons of Gasoline used CO2 Produced (pounds)
20 14,000 700 14,000 (7 tons)
50 5,000   1,000 (1/2 ton)

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