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New Headlights are More Powerful

Blinded by the Light?

New Headlights are More Powerful

Too powerful? We want your opinion.

In the article below, we're putting a member in the "spotlight".

But not all spotlights are created equal.

You may have noticed the headlights when you are driving at night seem to be getting brighter LED and HID (high density discharge) lamps are replacing halogens on many new cars.

There is an upside — and a potential downside — to lamps that are 225% brighter than your typical halogen bulb.

We want to know your thoughts:

How blinding are the new bulbs to you?

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Sorry, voting is closed.

Do you notice being able to see motorists and pedestrians a greater distance ahead of you?

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The National Highway Traffic Administration is now looking at this issue.  It is sponsoring university research to assess eye sensitivity to these new headlamps and the subsequent effect on driver vision. NHTSA will then be in a better position to determine what changes to the lighting standard may be needed to ensure the appropriate balance between visibility and glare. Some of this recent effort may be viewed at www.nhtsa.dot.gov by searching for "glare".

We need your input to inform NHTSA.

Should Better World Club advocate the regulation of the brighter headlights?

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