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  We Recognize Domestic Partners

Better World Becomes First Auto Club to Recognize Domestic Partners

Portland, Ore. -- (November 10, 2002) -- Better World Club, the world's first and only travel and roadside assistance club dedicated to preserving the environment, is now the first national Auto Club to recognize the domestic partners of primary members. As such, these domestic partners are offered the same savings and advantages that are usually only offered to spouses.

Until today, gay and lesbian couples had an unattractive choice to make when signing up for the kind of roadside assistance used by millions of Americans: either pretend that they were a heterosexual couple-usually by not spelling out the first name of one of the partners-or pay for an additional primary membership (which costs more than an additional person on a primary membership).

As Richard Levy, a Club member, wrote, while becoming a member: "We're a family, too. I was frustrated by AAA's policy of only recognizing spouses and dependents as additional drivers on memberships. We shouldn't have to bear double the financial burden for roadside assistance because we cannot legally marry. I appreciate that your organization is willing to recognize our relationship."

Now, gay and lesbian couples can obtain roadside assistance through the Better World Club-acknowledging that they are domestic partners, using their actual names, and signing up for one membership at the reduced prices available to all households. A sign-up form is available at www.betterworldclub.com

About Better World Club
Better World Club is the only socially responsible, environmentally friendly roadside assistance and travel club in the country that's working to help clean up the environment. The company acts as an advocate on behalf of consumers and demonstrates its social and environmental commitment by donating 1% of annual revenues toward environmental clean-up efforts and by providing unique eco-friendly travel alternatives. Cost for a basic membership in the Better World

Club prices begin at $49.95 a year. To become a member of the Better World Club or for more information, please call 1.866.238.1137 or send email.