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  Buy a Breezer, Get Free Roadside Assistance!

For Release July 17, 2003:
Better World Contact: Mitch Rofsky, 503 546 1114
Breezer Contact: John Doidge, 415 339 8917

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Better World Club and Breezer announce partnership:
North America's first Bicycle Roadside Assistance
with purchase of Town and Range Breezers

(Portland, OR) -- July 17, 2003 -- Breezer, North America's transportation bicycle company, and Better World Club, North America's environmentally friendly roadside assistance company, have teamed up to make transportation by bicycle even more convenient. The partnership means that new purchasers of Breezer Town and Range bicycles can receive a one-year Bicycle Roadside Assistance membership FREE: a $39.95 value.

"Roadside assistance as a standard feature of a new car purchase is increasingly common," said Better World Club President Mitch Rofsky. "But this option has never been available to bicycle purchasers-until today. Better World Club, known for promoting a balanced transportation system, couldn't be more pleased that this feature is being pioneered by a company known for its transportation bicycles."

This unparalleled offer is available to U.S. and Canadian buyers of Breezer Town and Range bikes who are age 16 or over and who purchase their new bikes between July 17 and December 31, 2003. These buyers will automatically be enrolled in the Bicycle Roadside Assistance program when they register their Breezer warranties. Said Breezer designer Joe Breeze, "We are delighted to be collaborating with Better World Club on this breakthrough program. It makes sense for Breezer owners to receive this benefit, as we advance the bicycle as a timesaving, healthy transportation choice."

In addition to the special promotion, Better World Club is offering a 15% reduction in the price of its bicycle and auto memberships to all Breezer owners and Club Breezer members. Breezer transportation bike owners automatically become members of Club Breezer when they register their bikes. The Better World Club 15% discount is the first of a planned series of benefits to Club Breezer members, providing even greater long-term value to owners of Breezer transportation bicycles.

Better World Club Bicycle Roadside Assistance program includes:

-Two service calls per year, including roadside assistance of up to 30 miles in total.
-Discounts on hotels, restaurants, and other travel services as provided to Better World Club auto members.
-Better World's Travel Cool! program: discounts on green hotels, eco-travel, and hybrid car rentals, and Better World's distinctive Carbon Offset program, which enables travelers to fight global warming.

Also available are bicycle and automobile coverage in one membership. Even the most dedicated bicycle transportation advocates agree it is sometimes advantageous to travel by car. A purchaser of a new Breezer will be able to add on a Better World Auto membership for auto roadside assistance services, at the price of $15.00 (for up to 5 miles of towing), or $30.00 (for up to 100 miles of towing).

More information can be found at the Better World Club website, www.betterworldclub.com, and the Breezer website, www.breezerbikes.com. Information can also be found at any Breezer dealership across North America.

About Better World Club
Portland,OR-based Better World Club is the only socially responsible, environmentally friendly roadside assistance and travel club in the country that's working to help clean up the environment. The company acts as an advocate on behalf of consumers and demonstrates its social and environmental commitment by donating 1% of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup efforts and by providing unique eco-friendly travel alternatives.

Cost for a basic auto membership in the Better World Club begins at $49.95 a year. A Better World Club auto member can obtain the additional bicycle service for $15.00, incorporating the service into the four service calls received annually. To become a member of the Better World Club or for more information, call 866-238-1137 or visit www.betterworldclub.com.

About Breezer
Joe Breeze is credited with building the first modern-day mountain bikes 25 years ago. Today, his Breezer transportation bicycles are specifically designed and fully equipped to serve as everyday vehicles. The target audience includes current cyclists and people who desire time-saving physical activity and have yet to discover the joys and benefits of riding a bike for errands or work. The Breezer mission is multi-fold: to benefit individual and environmental health; to improve quality of life in communities; to work in a positive, peaceful way toward energy independence; and to provide a fun-filled way for people to get around. Sausalito, CA-based Breezer has committed at least 5% of its annual profits to support bicycle advocacy.

Breezer transportation-ready bicycles range in price from $499 to $749 for the fully equipped Town bikes, and from $729 to $949 for the Range bikes. Three Compact folding bikes range in price from $399 to $699. For more information about Breezer and Club Breezer, visit www.breezerbikes.com or call 415 339 8917.

Interesting Bicycle Facts You Should Know:
The most popular vehicle in the world is the bicycle. There are about 1.4 billion bicycles, and 340 million cars. In the United States, the average commute trip (for all modes) has increased from 8.5 miles in 1983 to 11.6 miles in 1995. More than 82 percent of US trips of five miles or less are made by motor vehicle. Trips of five miles or less are well within the range of bicycles, yet in the US only 1.3 percent of such trips are made by bicycle. About 75 percent of US trips of one mile or less are made by motor vehicle. And, about 16 million bicycles are sold in the US each year.

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