Better World Club Congratulates Oregon/Idaho AAA for Following Its Lead and Offering Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Better World Club Also Announces Membership Fee Discount for Riders of Mass Transit

Better World Club congratulates Oregon/Idaho AAA for becoming the second auto club to offer bicycle roadside assistance, following Better World Club's initiation of the service in 2003.

Better World Club also is announcing its latest program: a 10% discount to riders of mass transit. Provide Better World Club with a copy of a monthly mass transit ticket and Better World Club will take 10% off your membership fee.

It should be noted that AAA is not offering this service nationally-only in Oregon/Idaho.  "Gee, I'm used to saying that Better World Club offers the nation's only bicycle roadside assistance," said Better World Club's President Mitch Rofsky.  "Since this service is only being offered in Oregon and Southern Idaho, I guess I'll have to change that to 'Better World Club offers the nation's only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance.'  We look forward to AAA copying our mass transit discount as that would run counter to its decades long hostility to mass transit."

Better World Club also offers bicycle-only roadside assistance memberships as well as a bicycle "add-on" to both its Basic and Premium Programs, while AAA's service appears to be wrapped into its Plus Membership.

This is not the first time that Oregon/Idaho AAA has copied a Better World Club innovation. In 2001, Better World was the first travel agency/company to offer carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gas generated by travel. Oregon/Idaho AAA followed suit just last year.  (However, Better World Club also provides an offset to each of its auto insurance clients for free-a service not offered by AAA.)

Rofsky also encouraged AAA to reassess other aspects of its program: "In addition to spending its time copying Better World Club, perhaps Oregon/Idaho AAA could productively make an effort to convince other AAA regions to stop fighting against greenhouse gas regulation of automobiles (e.g. PA AAA) or reasonable royalties on oil drilling (e.g SoCal AAA) or bike paths (e.g. Mid-Atlantic AAA). Yes, bike paths."

About Better World Club

Better World Club is the nation's only socially responsible, environmentally friendly auto club, offering roadside assistance, travel, and insurance. BWC strives to balance its members' transportation needs with their desire to protect the environment. The Club has a unique policy agenda among auto clubs that supports the attempts of states to better regulate automobiles to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.

BWC further distinguishes itself from other auto clubs in many ways, including but not limited to devoting 1% of revenues to environmental cleanup and advocacy, offering the nation's only bicycle roadside assistance program (oops! the only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance) and offering eco-travel and hybrid car rental discounts.

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment