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Good Car-Ma

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Improve Your Car-ma

Perform Positive Actions and Better World Will Improve Your Car-mic Condition, And When We Improve Your Material Condition, We Hope to Improve Your Spiritual One as Well.

(Just Remember Us in Your Prayers, or Meditations...or Whatever)

Have you bought a carbon credit to offset your driving this year? Purchased Better World auto insurance? Referred a friend to the Better World Club? Or maintained your car so you didn't need to use our emergency roadside assistance?

Well, and as you've probably already come to recognize (we love our members, after all), Better World Club isn't only there for you when you're stuck on the side of the road. Now, in our infinite benevolence, we've developed a rewards program that will literally help you "Improve Your Car-ma."

View the Car-Ma Brochure for Details

We're proud to announce that our members can earn Better World Club Good Car-ma for a variety of activities related to Better World Club services and associated travel.

Members can build Good Car-ma by referring new members, purchasing insurance policies, purchasing carbon offsets, or booking travel through the public booking engine at the Better World Club website. Members will also get Good Car-ma for going entire membership years without calling for roadside assistance. That's right: things you're doing already. (Well, some of you, anyway.)

We'll keep members up-to-date on their Good Car-ma levels at the member section of the website.

Then, once you're satisfied with the positivity that you've contributed to the socially responsible transportation cosmos, you can cash-in on a variety of rewards! Currently, Good Car-ma can be exchanged for free associate memberships, free national park passes, carbon offsets, and even free memberships. The complete list of rewards, which includes the Good Car-ma values necessary to redeem them, is also available at the member site. Be sure to check back often, as we'll be expanding and updating the rewards list as the program unfolds. You can review a list of the rewards you've redeemed in the past here.

How much Good Car-ma will you need to be able to redeem each reward? More questions? Check out the Good Car-ma brochure. NOTE: We'll be making some changes to the Good Car-Ma program in the months to come.

Feeling better? More balanced? We hoped so. It's no use being so hard on yourself all the time anyway. But don't take your Better World Good Car-ma as a license to start taking your private jet for all your trips or to lose control on the road -- it's not going to pay your bail.

Check out the rewards that you can get for building your Good Car-ma now!

Better World Club Good Car-Ma Program Banner

Terms and Conditions

Participants must be active members of Better World Club to earn and/or redeem points.

All Good Car-ma points accrued to a membership account will expire after that membership is inactive for more than 60 days.

Good Car-ma points will accrue to members in association with their membership numbers. Actions by both primary and associate members will earn points toward the point total for their shared membership number. Both primary and associate members will be eligible to redeem points from the total points accrued to their shared membership number for rewards.

Good Car-ma points cannot be combined with cash or with another member's points.

To earn Good Car-ma points for making travel reservations, members must make those reservations through the booking engine at Better World Club's public website.

Good Car-ma points will expire if not redeemed within 6 years from the date on which they were applied to a membership account, unless forfeited or cancelled at an earlier time due to membership inactivity or otherwise in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Good Car-ma points may take up to 8 weeks to be applied to a membership account as certain point earning actions are done through a third party, resulting in a delay in the receipt of those records by Better World Club.

If Good Car-ma points are earned and not applied to an active membership account (certain points may take up to 8 weeks to be applied), the primary member on that account may submit a Missing Car-ma request within 90 days of the point earning action to request redress.

Better World Club reserves the right to make changes to the Good Car-ma Program, add or remove reward items, or to cancel the program at any time.


What is Zero Usage?

Zero usage is what it sounds like. A paid member who does not need or use service in their contract year has no usage of service -- or zero usage (which sounds more important).

What does Zero Usage get you?

As we strive to be an affordable and sustainable auto club, we have decided the best way to encourage members to use our services appropriately is to reward.

But I bought this, by George, I should use it!

Four service calls are not an equivalent exchange for your membership dues. Four service calls are a limit, so we don't lose more than $5,000 on a member who has a) had a rough year, b) is refusing to fix their car's problem, c) letting others use our service through their membership, or d) purchasing us for existing problems or other abusive tactics.  Only (a) is considered appropriate use of our service.

Tips, in good humor, for good usage:

If your friend has a flat tire, and you must drive 20 minutes so they can use your service, go, but go the full mile.  Help them change their tire. We build friendship through shared activities. Or, encourage your friends to sign up for BWC, so they can be covered as well! We'll help them, and you both will keep our company sustainable. 

We know it is tempting, but please don't use us to show off to your neighbors. If your neighbor is standing next to you with jumper cables, let them be neighborly and use their jumper cables. If you still need to show off, install some edible landscaping instead. Community is important, and it will save your service calls for when you are truly alone.

Having your mother-in-law pretend to be you, so our providers will come break into her car and fetch her keys is, admittedly, a super nice gesture on your part. Even nicer would be to buy her a gift membership.

There are lots of good reasons to use our service, and none of them are all that pleasant. So, if you love us, help keep our business sustainable, help us help you, so we can continue to support you and your values. 

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