If you're with another auto club, like AAA, making the switch to Better World Club is EASY.

1. Pick your start date (we have a minimum 3 business day delay). Look for this option on the member enrollment form. Be aware: your credit card will be charged immediately. You will also receive an email confirmation immediately, but you will NOT receive membership materials (automatically via email or via postal mail if you request them) until after your effective date.

2. Cancel your current auto club. Notify your current club in writing, and be sure to ask for a refund on the unused portion, if applicable. Use the sample cancellation letter below.

Current AAA Members:

We will waive our $15 signup fee for membersof other auto clubs that make the switch to Better World Club. The $15 waiver only applies when your current auto club charges you an enrollment fee. When you join Better World we will match your current AAA rate if it's less expensive than ours. Price matching applies to new membership only. Prices to be matched must be for regularly priced and equivalent membership programs. You must provide us with documentation of your local AAA's pricing to receive a price match.

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Dear ___________________ Membership Department,
(insert name of current auto club)

I'm sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my membership in your auto club effective immediately. It is my understanding that upon receiving this cancellation notice you will refund the unused portion of my annual membership dues (if applicable) to me at the address listed below. I've also enclosed my membership card(s) for your disposal.

Thank you,




Member Name


City, State, Zip Code

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1% Donated to the Environment
1% Donated to the Environment