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What are Carbon Offsets

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Offset Your Vehicle's CO2 with our Carbon Offset Calculator!

Did you know that an average commercial domestic US airline flight releases more than 1,700 pounds per person of harmful greenhouse gases (like CO2) into our atmosphere?

Better World Club pioneered carbon offseting travel services to help fight global warming. We were certified by the Climate Neutral Network in November 2000, and credited as the first travel company in the world to offer this type of program to its customers. Better World Club purchases carbon offsets on your behalf for every new auto insurance policy, every National Park pass purchased, and every flight booked though our eco booking engine.

What Is A Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset is an investment into a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Offset projects come in many varieties and may include tree planting or reforestation, building retrofits (i.e. installing more efficient heating/cooling systems) or wind power projects. The common goal is to reduce fossil fuel usage, which in turn, eliminates harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon Offsets are a market based solution that allows individuals or companies to pay the cost of their carbon footprint. Carbon offsets fund programs actively reducing emissions through innovation or restoration. Sites like landfill GHG reclamation projects, industrial scale recycling, and reforestation are examples of programs funded by carbon offsets.

We have purchased carbon offsets through our partner, Climate Clean, for the following projects:

“The first step in solving global warming is prevention.  Better World Club encourages direct emissions reductions though driving less and investment in public transportation.  But sometimes, prevention is not possible, so environmentalists and progressives—all Americans—need to turn to carbon offsets for remediation.” Stated BWC President Mitch Rofsky.  BWC wants to highlight the need to offset transportation emissions we cannot reduce.

Why Is This Important?

An average domestic US trip emits approximately 1,700 pounds (per person) of carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere. (This is bad)

In a typical year, your vehicle emits about 10 tons (or more) of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. (For non-hybrid owners, this is bad too.)

How We Got That Number:
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states that the average domestic flight is 1660 miles.

Based on the EPA's scientific data, 1.08 pounds of carbon dioxide is produced as a result of each air mile travelled.

What Can You Do?

  1. Book a flight through Better World Travel -- Members who book a round-trip domestic US flight through Better World Travel will get a free carbon offset for their flight ($11 value.) Travel Inquiry
  2. Purchase auto insurance through Better World Insurance – We offset your auto's first ton of greenhouse gas emissions free.
  3. If you purchase Park Passes, buy them through the Better World Club. We bundle in carbon offsets with each park pass purchased by our members.

Remember, your small donation helps protect the environment. More about our donation efforts:

Read our Chemistry of Carbon Offsets page for more information about carbon offsets, including chemistry and other interesting facts.

For more information about carbon offsets, the carbon offset industry, contact Better World Club President, Mitch Rofsky.

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