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  BioBeetle Biodiesel Rental Discount

Bio-BeetleGive the planet a vacation the next time you take one!  Rent the Bio-Beetle

Club Members get a 10% Discount!

Bio-Beetle is the first company in the world to offer rental cars fueled exclusively with biodiesel. We currently offer biodiesel rentals on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Our rental cars are unmodified Volkswagen New Beetles, Golf's, Jettas and a Passat. And Jeep Liberty's are now available on Maui.

All of our vehicles are powered solely by B99.9 biodiesel, a diesel fuel made from vegetable oils. In Hawaii most biodiesel is made from used cooking oil. We do not blend our fuel with any petroleum.

Bio-Beetle gives visitors and Hawaii residents an eco friendly option when renting a car. And for the biodiesel skeptic, renting a Bio-Beetle is a way to test drive a biodiesel vehicle to see that it's just like driving a regular car. In fact, it's more fun than your average car.

Biodiesel is one of the renewable fuels that can lead the way toward environmental sustainability. This is our way of proving that we have a choice, right now, to switch to fuels that can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which are destroying our environment and contributing to foreign conflict.


55 Amala Place Kahului Hawaii

Better World Club members get 10% off all daily or weekly rates.

To Make a Reservation: Call 1-877-873-6121 or email your request to Shaun. For BWC discount code, please login to the MEMBERS ONLY section. Rates are subject to change.

For more information about Bio-Beetle please see their web site: www.bio-beetle.com

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